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GPYE Publications

Best Practice Note #1: Implementing an Impact Evaluation: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from a Youth Livelihood Program in Kenya

Best Practice Note #2: Rural and Agricultural Entrepreneurship Programming for Youth: Lessons from Senegal's Jeunes Agriculteurs program

Best Practice Note #3: Preparing Youth to Succeed: The Importance of Career Guidance

Building on Hope: Findings from a Rapid Community Appraisal in Jordan (English and Arabic)

Charting the Course: Strengthening the Impact of Youth Serving Institutions in MENA

Child Labour in the Municipality of Sana’a: An Overview

Closing the Hope Gap: Findings from a Rapid Community Appraisal of Youth in al-Fayhaa Union of Municipalities, North Lebanon  (English and Arabic)

Employability and Rehabilitation of Youth at Risk in the Cities of Al-Fayhaa Union Municipalities

Global Partnership for Youth Employment (GPYE) Fact Sheet (English and French)

Interventions to Improve Labour Market Outcomes of Youth: A Systematic Review of Training, Entrepreneurship Promotion, Employment Servies, Mentoring and Subsidized Employment Interventions

Labour Market in South Sudan

Mayor's Perception on Youth in 5 cities: Amman, Jordan; Aleppo,Syria; Aswan, Egypt; Sana'a,Yemen; Tripoli, Lebanon (Arabic)

Measuring Success of Youth Livelihood Interventions 

NEET Youth Dynamics in Indonesia and Brazil: A Cohort Analysis

Preparing Youth for Success: An Analysis of Life Skills Training in the MENA Region

Private Sector Demand for Youth Labour in Ghana and Senegal:  Ghana and Senegal Study Findings

Profile of Cairo Street Children

Strengthening Life Skills for Youth: A Practical Guide to Quality Programming (English and Arabic)

Supporting Young Entrepreneurs: A Practical Guide to Quality Programming (English, French and Arabic)

Taqeem Community of Practice: Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Evaluation for the Youth Employment Community, 2011 Report

Taqeem Fund Community of Practice (Video)

Taqeem Fund, Fact Sheet 

Taqeem Policy Brief: EFE Morocco

Taqeem Policy Brief: MEDA Morocco

Taqeem Policy Brief: Wage Subsidy

Testing "What Works in Youth Employment”: Evaluating Kenya’s Ninaweza Program

Transitioning to Adulthood in the MENA Region: Findings from the Rapid Community Appraisal of Young Persons in Aleppo, Tunis and the Al-Fayahaa Union of Municipalities

Understanding Children's Work and Youth Employment in Cameroon (French)

Understanding Children's Work and Youth Employment Outcomes in Mali (French)

Understanding Children’s Work and Youth Employment Outcomes in Mongolia

Understanding Children’s Work and Youth Employment Outcomes in Rwanda

Understanding Children's Work and Youth Employment Outcomes in Sénégal (English and French)

Understanding Children’s Work in Vietnam

Youth Employment in Northern Senegal: Creating Job Opportunities for Young People (English and French)

Youth Employment Inventory: Country Level Findings on Egypt and Kenya

Youth to Youth Fund

Youth the Youth Fund Implementaiton Toolkit

GPYE Event Materials

Please visit the GPYE Events Page for conference reports, agendas, presentations and other materials. 

Other Relevant Non-GPYE Publications

Active Labor Market Policies for Youth: A Framework to Guide Youth Employment Interventions.
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Education for Employment: Realizing Arab Youth Potential. IFC, ISDB

Global Employment Trends for Youth 2010.
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Investing in your country's children and youth today: Good policy, smart economics. Hempel, K. and Cunningham, W.The World Bank (2010)

Publications of The Middle East Youth Initiative

The Role of Youth Skills in the Transition to Work: A Global Review.
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Rural Youth Employment in Developing Countries: A Global View.
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State of the Field in Youth Enterprise Development and Livelihoods Development. Making Cents International (2010).

Supporting Youth at Risk: A Policy Toolkit for Middle-Income Countries.
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Support Young Workers: Findings of the Youth Employment Inventory 

World Development Report 2007: Development and the Next Generation.
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Youth in Africa's Labor Market
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Youth and Employment in Africa: The Potential, the Problem, the Promise
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Youth and employment in post-conflict countries: The psycho-social dimension.
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Youth at Risk in Latin America and the Caribbean: Understanding the causes, realizing the potential.
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Studies on The Status of Children and The Concerned Organizations in 13 MENA Cities (Arabic) Alexandria, Beirut, Sana'a, Khartoum, Algiers, Amman, Kuwait, Riyadh, Medina, Casablanca, Aden, Gaza, Tehran

Child Friendly Cities Manual (Arabic)
AUDI (2009)