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The Global Partnership for Youth Employability is formed through a unique alliance between key partners, the World Bank, IYF, AUDI, YEN and UCW.

World Bank
The World Bank supports governments in developing countries on a wide range of child and youth development issues, including youth employment, by conducting research, financing projects and supporting rigorous evaluation. www.worldbank.org/childrenandyouth

International Youth Foundation
The International Youth Foundation invests in the extraordinary potential of young people. IYF programs are catalysts of change that help young people obtain a quality education, gain employability skills, make healthy choices, and improve their communities. www.iyfnet.org

AUDI MENA Child and Youth Initiative (AUDI MENA CYI)
The AUDI MENA Child and Youth initiative (AUDI MENA CYI) is a regional, non- governmental organization, focusing on upgrading the capacities of local authorities and municipalities throughout the Middle East and North Africa region to improve the well being of children and youth, especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged, and to enhance knowledge of effective policies and programs that address critical issues of children and youth in the region.  www.menacpi.org 

Youth Employment Network
The Youth Employment Network is a partnership of the United Nations, International Labor Organization, and World Bank that works to engage, educate and motivate actors to provide improved employment opportunities for youth. It is a platform and service provider focusing on policy advice, innovative pilot projects, knowledge sharing, and brokering partnerships. www.ilo.org/yen

Understanding Children’s Work
Understanding Children’s Work is an inter-agency research cooperation initiative involving the World Bank, International Labor Organization and UNICEF. Through a variety of activities, the UCW program supports efforts to improve our understanding of child labor and related issues such as education, youth employment and migration. www.ucw-project.org