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Measuring Success of Youth Livelihood Interventions

Measuring Success of Youth Livelihood Interventions

The importance of providing young people with jobs and economic opportunities is at the forefront of the development debate. Unfortunately, very little is known about the quality or impact of youth livelihood interventions because very few programs have been carefully evaluated, especially in developing countries.

In order to help practitioners learn from their projects and contribute to building the evidence base on youth employment, this Guide offers an accessible introduction to the topic of monitoring and evaluation and to its practical application in the youth livelihood field.

The Guide helps decide what type of evaluation is appropriate given the characteristics and context of an intervention and provides the basic set of concepts and tools to carry out impact evaluations.

In order to support practitioners in their daily work, the manual is complemented by practical online resources, including examples of indicators, survey instruments, terms of reference, and evaluation reports specific to the youth livelihoods field.

Download the complete guide in English: Measuring Success of Youth Livelihood Interventions, A Practical Guide to Monitoring and Evaluation.

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Note 1: Why Evaluate?

Note 2: Reviewing the Project Design

Note 3: Establishing a Monitoring System

Note 4: Choosing the Right Type of Evaluation

Note 5: Proving Program Impact

Note 6: Identifying an Appropriate Impact Evaluation Method

Note 7: A Step-by-Step Guide to Impact Evaluation

Note 8: Increasing the Relevance of the Impact Evaluation

Resources & Appendices

 Download Online Resources:
Selected Indicators

IT-based Data Collection Tools

Selected Funding Opportunities

Resources for Finding Impact Evaluation Experts

Estimating the Required Sample Size

Protocol for Hiring a Survey Firm

Example of Collateral Products

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