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3-4 June 2014, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

Youth Entrepreneurship:Promoting Job Growth in Africa provided practical workshops to discuss best practice approaches for job creation and greater youth entrepreneurship in Africa, as well as a high-level forum for sharing lessons learned for engaging young people in entrepreneurship, training them and providing ongoing support and mentorship.  

7-8 May 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

 Members from academia, business leaders and government ministers gathered together to discuss solutions for youth employment and forge additional public-private partnerships that can help expand markets and increase job growth at Solutions4Work:Partnerships for Jobs and Youth Employment.

7-8 April 2014, Amman, Jordan

Convened in partnership with USAID, the World Bank, and The MasterCard Foundation, Skills for Life: Improving Employment Outcomes for Youth, called on participants to reflect on the positive impact of life skills on youth employability and how best to align public and private training institutions’ offerings with the needs of the labor market.

16-18 February 2013, Doha, Qatar

 Members of the GPYE met for Arab Youth & Entrepreneurship: Holistic Approaches to Nurturing Local Ecosystems to discuss  issues surrounding youth and entrepreneurship in the MENA region. The conference allowed participants to network, learn and share best practices. 

23-25 January 2013, Dakar, Senegal

 Members of the GPYE convened for; "Ideas4Work: Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship in Africa", a three day learning symposium to provide an opportunity for policy makers, practitioners, researchers, youth, and donors to learn from each other through a variety of interactive sessions.

21-23 February 2012, Amman, Jordan

 Hosted by the GPYE, the "Youth@Work: Partnerships for Skills Development" conference focused on a cross-country dialogue about “what works” in youth employability and skills development programs.

11-14 October 2011 Geneva, Italy

"Geneva: Taqeem Fund Evaluation Clinic". YEN organized a 4-day Clinic to improve the monitoring and evaluation skills of youth employment practitioners in the Middle East and North Africa.

December 2010

Beirut, Lebanon: "Children and Youth in the MENA Region, Toward Unleashing their Potential" Forum.

December 2010

Beirut, Lebanon: "Evaluation Clinic for Youth Employment Projects"

October 2010
Washington, DC: “Youth Leadership and Livelihoods Conference” 

August 2010

Sana’a, Yemen: “Local Authorities: Children and youth opportunities for a better life Conference”

June 2010

Aleppo, Syria: “Child and Youth Development, a Future Strategy” 

April 2010

Tripoli, Lebanon: Tripoli Training Workshops on Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship, Youth-friendly services and Youth Participation/Civic Engagement.

Tripoli, Lebanon: “Children and Youth Protection, a Future Strategy Conference”

November 2009

Bogotá, Colombia: “Youth-Employability-Opportunity Conference"

May 2009 

Washington, DC:  Youth - Employability - Opportunity  

April 2009 

Nairobi, Kenya:  Youth - Employability - Opportunity  

January 2009

Amman, Jordan : "Measuring Results in Youth: Experience from Training Interventions Workshop"

January 2009

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia:"Building National Capacity in Child Labour and Youth Employment Data Collection and Analysis Workshop"